1st Annual Lily Strang Golf Outing
Saturday, May 4, 2019

Lily Strang is a 12-year old student at Sturgis Middle School and a lifetime resident of Sturgis. Lily is just like any other kid, except the fact that Lily has Fanconi Anemia. Fanconi Anemia is a rare, inherited cancer-prone disease that often leads to Lukemia, bone marrow failure and physical abnormalities. Since the age of 6 Lily has undergone two major surgeries and recently discovered she has a problem with her lungs. Because of this Lily's families and friends are hosting the 1st ever Lily Golf Outing on Saturday, May 4th at St. Joe Valley Golf Club in Nottawa. All proceeds will go toward the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. For more information on Lily, Fanconi Anemia, to become a golf outing sponsor, or to sign up to hit the links contact St. Joe Valley Golf Club or visit www.fanconi.org.