Three Rivers Say No to Recreational Marijuana Businesses
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, July 18, 2019

(THREE RIVERS) – The City of Three Rivers has decided to opt out of Michigan's recreational marijuana law.

The Three Rivers City Commission voted 5-2 on Monday to not allow for recreational marijuana businesses to be able to operate in the City. The vote followed a public hearing and a long discussion by the Commissioners.

Commissioners Daryl Griffith, Pat Dane, Alison Haigh, Carolyn McNary and Janell Hart voted for opting out. Three Rivers Mayor Tom Lowry and Chris Abel were in favor of the ordinance.

Some of the Commissioners that voted to opt out said they would not be against looking at the matter in the future. They also said the reason they are not in favor of this ordinance now is because of the conflicting laws about recreational marijuana at the State and Federal level.


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