Campos Talks About Visit To Mexican Border
By: Tim Murray - Tuesday, October 15, 2019

LaGrange Co. Sheriff Jeff Campos (third from left) during his visit to the Arizona-Mexico border (photo courtesy of Jeff Campos)

(LAGRANGE) - When LaGrange County Sheriff Jeff Campos visited the Arizona-Mexico border last month it was a reality check.

Campos attended the Southwest Border Sheriff’s Fall Conference and took a ten hour inspection tour of the border.

He says the first reality check was that corruption is real. ...... {LISTEN}.

Campos says the other reality on the border is the Mexican cartel. ...... {LISTEN}.

Campos says it was surreal to actually see members of the cartel. The Border Patrol agents said the cartel house was originally a one story dwelling. After the wall was built, the cartel added another story to be able to see over the wall.


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