LaGrange County Council Approves Two Funding Requests
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, August 13, 2020

(LAGRANGE) – Two requests for funds were approved this week by a LaGrange County organization.

A joint meeting of the LaGrange County Council and the LaGrange County Commission was held Monday to consider three requests for money from the Major Moves Fund.

The first request was from LaGrange County Trails. They were asking for $1.5 million to purchase land which would be used to construct a new biking and hiking trail. It would run from Topeka to Millersburg and from Topeka to Wolcottville. At one time the land was part of the Wabash Railroad, and is now owned by Norfolk and Southern.

The money from Major Moves will be used to match funding requirements by the group, and help them to qualify for a grant of $5 million from the Next Level Trails program offered by the State.

The request was approved.

The second request was from the Howe Volunteer Fire Department. They were asking for $100,000 which would be used towards the purchase of a new engine and pumper truck. It would replace the current unit that is over 20 years old and had been damaged several years ago.

The overall cost of the new unit is $450,000. That request was also approved.

A third request came from LaGrange County Youth Centers. They were asking for a $3 million grant, which would be used to help construct a new youth and community sports complex. That request died when no motion was made by the joint group.

Under the rules created to govern the Major Moves fund, any expenditures must be approved by a super majority of the ten member group, which means eight people.


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