Community Comments On Proposed School Closings
Thursday, February 14, 2019

(HOWE) – Members of the community turned out at Lima-Brighton Elementary School Tuesday evening to comment on the proposed closing of the school along with Wolcott Mills Elementary.

The plan floated by Lakeland Superintendent Dr. Eva Merkel last week is aimed at reducing $1 million from the district budget to address a funding shortage.

Merkel was in Indianapolis Tuesday with other area superintendents talking to legislators about funding bills before the General Assembly.

Five school board members attended the listening tour session. Board member David Larimer said he intends to introduce a motion to table the proposal at next week’s school board meeting. LINKC.

Ed Fry told the board he has 1100 signatures so far on a petition urging the board to slow the process down.

Others felt the early introduction of technology at Lakeland is one reason the Amish are building more schools of their own rather than sending students to Lakeland.

One suggestion from Mike Strayer that received thunderous applause was to close Lakeland Middle School instead. LINKD.

Two more listening sessions are scheduled for Thursday at 8:30 AM and again at 5:30 PM at Parkside Elementary.