Michigan Speaker Of The House Shares At Lincoln Day Dinner
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, June 15, 2019

Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield speaks during the St. Joseph County Lincoln Day Dinner (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/WBET News)

(CENTREVILLE) – Working together was one of the themes shared Friday during the St. Joseph County Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield was the keynote speaker for the evening. The Republican from Levering in the northern part of Michigan shared with the audience that we have had divided government in Michigan because the Republican and Democratic Parties were in charge of different branches of the government.

Chatfield says divided government can cause problems or can present opportunities. He says he voiced this concern with newly elected Governor Gretchen Whitmer. ...... {LISTEN}.

Chatfield told the audience that he wants to see Michigan succeed. ...... {LISTEN}.

Chatfield says despite party affiliation, citizens need to stand together not just as a state, but as a country, if we want to make the United States great again.


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