Sturgis Hospital In Discussions With Possible Partners

(STURGIS) – Sturgis Hospital is continuing to talk with two other hospitals about a possible partnership.

That was part of the message delivered Wednesday to the Sturgis City Commission during a work session. Hospital Board Vice President Joe Haas and Board Member Dr. James Grennell were asked to give an update on the situation with the Hospital.

Haas says after talks with some local rural hospitals came to an end, Sturgis Hospital put out they were was looking at a merger with a regional hospital. Four responded and said they were interested so Sturgis Hospital created a Request For Proposal. Of the four, two responded back they would like to have more discussions.

Haas shares that one of the facilities was just what Sturgis Hospital wanted in a partner. LINKC.

The other facility's proposal was not quite what Sturgis Hospital was hoping for according to Haas. LINKD.

Those benefits would be for capital improvements that they felt would make Sturgis Hospital a viable entity.

Haas says they originally focused on the first proposal, but as time went along realized that it may not be exactly what Sturgis Hospital needs. He says they started talking with the second potential partner. Over the last several weeks the talks with the second organization have picked up and they have actually changed their focus that would keep Sturgis Hospital moving forward in a positive manner.

Haas says they are still talking with both facilities and are hoping that an agreement can be reached soon.