Indiana Lawmakers Override Holcomb's Emergency Powers Veto
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, April 17, 2021

Indiana Senate Chamber (photo courtesy of Indiana Senate)

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indiana State lawmakers gave themselves more authority to intervene when the Governor declares an emergency.

The Indiana House and Senate both obtained the simple majority needed to override Governor Eric Holcomb's veto on the proposal. It establishes a new process that allows legislative leaders to call the Indiana General Assembly into an emergency session.

Holcomb and some legal experts say the proposal is not legal because the Indiana Constitution gives the sitting Governor, not the Legislature, the authority to call a special session

Holcomb's fellow Republicans pushed the bill after months of criticism of some conservatives over the mask mandate and other COVID-19 restrictions that Holcomb imposed under Executive Order during the public health emergency.

Republican Senator Sue Glick of LaGrange, says Holcomb acted alone in imposing restrictions on Indiana's 6.7 million residents. She says that shouldn't happen during such long lasting emergencies.

Democratic Senator Tim Lanane of Anderson called his fellow lawmakers' action Monday morning quarterbacking. He says the bill's supporters haven't produced any legal opinions that support its constitutionality.

Holcomb could fight the proposal in court. There's been no word on what the Governor's next step is going to be.


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