Constantine Residents Vote To Keep Recreational Marijuana Ordinance
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, May 4, 2021

(photo courtesy of Getty Images)

(CONSTANTINE) – Voters in Constantine have spoken and want recreational marijuana to be sold in the village.

In 2020, the Constantine Village Council approved an amendment to a Village Ordinance that would allow for the sale of recreational marijuana. Citizens brought a referendum, asking for the amendment to be repealed.

During a special election Tuesday, citizens said they wanted to allow recreational marijuana to be sold by licensed businesses. 396 NO votes were cast, which means they wanted the ordinance to stay as is. There were 74 YES votes, which meant that those voters wanted the ordinance to be repealed in 10 days after the election, and only allow medical marijuana to be sold by licensed businesses in Constantine.

Presently, there are seven medical marijuana licenses and seven recreational marijuana license that have been granted by the Village of Constantine.

Of the 1,648 registered voter in Constantine, 28.58 percent went to the polls.


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