Sturgis BOE Approves Purchase Of Vaping Sensors
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Sturgis H.S. Principal Nick Herblet (photo courtesy of Facebook)

(STURGIS) – The Sturgis Board of Education approved the purchase of vaping sensors to be placed in the Sturgis High School and Middle School buildings.

Monday night, Finance Director Ray Sterling presented the proposal, which was to buy the sensors from Summit Fire Production at a cost of $94,372. Money for the sensors would come from the ESSR Funds, given to the Sturgis School District.

District IT Director Von Metzger shared that the sensors would send an alert if someone was vaping in the school. In addition, if a student is being bullied, the sensors would send an alert if that student uses a specific word they have been told to say. Metzger says if Administrators get an alert, they can use the cameras in the building to get a visual on possible offenders.

Many members of the School Board wondered if this was a good use of funds, and if maybe a small number of sensors could be installed first to see if they work. Metzger says that can be done, but by not purchasing all the sensors at this time, the cost could go up. And in addition, they would have to have the company come in a second time to install them.

Sturgis High School Principal Nick Herblet says this system would be a big help for building administrators. ...... {LISTEN}.

Sturgis Middle School Principal Jimmy Lamb says currently when they are told about vaping or bullying issues, they have to take time to question the students or staff that see it and then track down the alleged suspects. This system would greatly cut down on that time and lead administrators to those students involved.

Metzger says the sensors will be installed by December 31.


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