LaGrange Town Board Approves Wastewater Rate Increase
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, January 5, 2022

(photo courtesy of AP)

(LAGRANGE) – LaGrange residents will be paying more for wastewater service.

Monday night, the LaGrange Town Board approved a 33 percent increase to their wastewater service for their customers. The vote came following a public hearing where no one offered any objections to the increase.

Town Board members and Town officials say the money raised from the increase will be part of a $1.6 million project to update the almost 30 year old wastewater treatment plant, and replace some worn out systems. While the plant itself is in pretty good shape, several components that help to clean the incoming water and make up the plant, have reached their useful life span and need to be either repaired or replaced.

Town officials say the new rate is expected to increase the cost of the average monthly bill by $11.55.


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