Sturgis Voters Renew Street Millage
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, May 3, 2022

(photo courtesy of City of Sturgis)

(STURGIS) – The City of Sturgis will have a funding source for doing more street work over the next ten years.

On Tuesday, voters renewed the street millage with 502 YES votes to 266 NO votes. That's a total of 774 votes cast out of 7,600 registered voters, which is a 10.18 percent voter turnout.

The millage is the same as the one passed in 2012, asking for 3 mills for a ten year period.

Since the Dedicated Street Millage was first approved in 2012, the City of Sturgis has been able to tackle road projects that had to be put off in the past because of a lack of funding. In addition, the City has also been able to get other work done as the streets have been repaired, such as updating water and electrical services, along with sidewalks.

Sturgis City Manager Mike Hughes says he is happy for the City of Sturgis with this renewal. Over the next ten years, the Millage will bring in $7.5 million. The State of Michigan will also give another $2 million towards street projects because of the millage.

One of the planned street projects for 2023 is St. Joseph Street. In 2024, the City is looking at doing work on East Hatch Street, the North Franks Avenue Extension and Main Street.


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