Grand New Party Formed In Michigan
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, November 16, 2022

(photo courtesy of Grand New Party)

(LANSING) – A new organization has emerged in Michigan, hoping to give rise to a political movement that is taking shape in the State’s Republican Party.

A press conference was held in Lansing Monday morning to announce the formation of The Grand New Party, an independent political action committee created to support America First candidates in the Michigan State House and Senate, county commissions and school boards across the State. According to a media release, these individuals are filling the void caused by corrupt politics.

It’s hoped that the Grand New Party will revive the Republican Party from within through the 2024 election cycle and beyond.

According to its founders, the Grand New Party was created after an election cycle that has seen poor judgment by Republican leadership, catastrophic failures and devastating defeats in Michigan.

Republican State Representative Steve Carra of Three Rivers, who is Chair of the Grand New Party, says they are tired of organizations that are unwilling to stand firmly and consistently for our Constitutional Republic. Carra says the people are fed up and they demand stronger conservative leadership within the Republican Party, and that is what the Grand New Party will give them.

Grand New Party Executive Director Shane Trejo says the organization is going to provide sustained pushback against the uniparty that redistributes wealth from the hard-working middle class to the politically connected, regardless of which part is in power. Trejo says too often Republicans and Democrats ignore their constituents and instead take orders from the special interests and lobbyists who want more for themselves at the expense of others.


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