Quincy School District Voters Approve Sinking Fund Millage
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, May 3, 2023

(photo courtesy of Quincy Public Schools)

(QUINCY) – Quincy Community Schools have a sinking fund once again.

Tuesday, voters in the Quincy School District said yes to a renewal of a building and site sinking fund, 456 to 275. 732 total votes were cast out of the 5,763 registered voters in the Quincy School District, which is 12.7% voter turnout.

The proposal renews the sinking fund millage, that would expire with the 2023 tax levy. It also restores a millage that was lost because of the reduction which was required by the Michigan Constitution of 1963.

A sinking fund is approved by voters for a school district. The funds generated by a sinking fund is ear marked for such projects as school building construction, repairs and renovation. Funding received by the State of Michigan cannot be used for these kinds or projects.

The sinking fund will be in effect for four years. Quincy School District voters have approved a sinking fund for many years.


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