Glick Addresses Indiana’s High Health Care Costs
By: Mike Stiles - Friday, May 19, 2023

Sue Glick (photo courtesy of Indiana State Senator)

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The high cost of health care is a major issue for many Hoosier families.

Indiana State Senator Sue Glick says in the current session, the State Senate supported a new law designed to help lower health care costs for Hoosiers.

Glick, a Republican from LaGrange, says the new law has three key parts to help drive down costs. First, it institutes "truth in billing" for Indiana's largest hospital systems, which could save Hoosiers millions of dollars by prohibiting hospitals from charging higher rates at doctor's offices.

Second, it requires insurers and health plan administrators to share health-care claims data with employers who sponsor employee health coverage so employers can negotiate better coverage for their employees.

Third, it requires a study of commercial health plans for services at the state's largest hospital systems in order to more precisely gauge how Indiana's prices compare to surrounding states.

Glick says by helping ensure Hoosiers can afford health care, Indiana can continue to foster healthy families and develop a strong workforce, which is key to our state's success.


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