Sturgis School District Voters Say No To Operating Millage
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, February 28, 2024

(photo courtesy of Sturgis Public Schools)

(STURGIS) – Voters in the Sturgis School District said NO to an operating millage proposal.

On Tuesday, voters cast 1,002 No votes and 868 Yes votes to a millage proposal that would allow Sturgis Public Schools to ask for up to 3 mills per year until 2034, which would allow the Schools to collect the full 18 mills on non homestead properties.

Because of the Headline Amendment Rollback, Sturgis Public Schools is not collecting the full 18 mills they are supposed to be. Presently, the School District is collecting 17.6862 mills each year.

In a media release, Sturgis Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Art Ebert says Sturgis values education and has for years. He says what he has learned over time is that moments like these provide the District with a great opportunity to show resiliency and grow as a team.

Ebert says the School District’s plan is to do just that. He says they will use these results to learn and become an even stronger school system.


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