Tests Show No Issues At Quincy Schools
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, March 2, 2024

(photo courtesy of Quincy Schools)

(QUINCY) – Test results show there are no issues with the water and the air quality at Quincy Community Schools.

Quincy Superintendent Marc Kramer posted the test results on the Quincy Schools website. Click Here. The work was done by Michigan Air And Mold LLC and they say Quincy Middle School and High School were both tested for mold, spores, dust and debris, hyphal fragments, opaque particles, rust, pollen, fabric and fiber glass fibers, insect particles and ash.

The results concluded the levels were not elevated, and that the Middle School and the High School meet all EPA and Air Quality Standards.

The School is still waiting for water testing results.

Several Quincy School students became ill, reporting symptoms that included seizures, tremors, joint pain and nosebleeds.


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