County Council Approves Tax Abatement On Equipment
By: Tim Murray - Tuesday, July 9, 2019

(LAGRANGE) – The LaGrange County Council approved a tax abatement Monday on new equipment at Lennard Ag.

LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation President Bill Bradley made the request to the Council. He says the new equipment cost $630,000 and created three new jobs. He asked for a five year abatement, which would save the company $8,700 over the course of the abatement.

Mike Barton of Lennard Ag says they throw away between one and two semi loads of potatoes a day. They have developed a way to dehydrate those potatoes into a product they can sell. The only byproduct is steam. Barton says they use natural gas and grind up the potatoes and then boil off the steam.

County Council unanimously approved the abatement.


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