Constantine Opts Out On Adult Use Marijuana
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Constantine Village Council President Gary Mathers (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/WBET News)

(CONSTANTINE) – For the time being, the Village of Constantine is saying no to adult use marijuana businesses.

During Monday's meeting the Constantine Village Council voted 5-1 to not allow adult use marijuana businesses to operate in the Village. The vote came after a public hearing during which time the Council heard from several individuals who spoke both in favor of and against having these types of businesses in Constantine.

Village Council President Gary Mathers says the Council has read a lot of material on the options available to communities and on adult use marijuana businesses, but they still have a lot of questions. ...... {LISTEN}.

Village Trustee Kenda Cartagena says she believes in the people who want to start adult use marijuana businesses, but wants the Village to proceed with caution. ...... {LISTEN}.

Village Manager Mark Honeysett says just because the Council voted no at this time, doesn't mean they can't revisit the matter in the future and possibly vote to opt in.


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