Voter Turnout Low Locally For Tuesday Elections
By: Mike Stiles - Friday, November 8, 2019

(STURGIS) – Voter turnout was low overall in St. Joseph County for Tuesday's election.

In Sturgis, there was only the CTE Millage request on the ballot. Because of that just over 8 percent of the registered voters in the City came out to cast their ballots. There were 433 votes cast out of 5401 registered voters.

City Clerk Ken Rhodes says he is not surprised by the low numbers. ...... {LISTEN}.

Turnout was a little higher in Three Rivers, where residents were also voting for four City Commission seats in addition to the CTE Millage. Three Rivers saw a 17.29 percent voter turnout, with 802 ballots cast out of 4639 registered voters.

Voting in Mendon Township was at 36 percent. 650 ballots were cast out of 1805 registered voters. Much of that was due to Proposal 1 being on the ballot.

Overall in St. Joseph County, voter turnout was at 16.5 percent. Of the 40,503 registered voters in the County, 6689 people cast ballots on Tuesday.

Rhodes says while generally in Presidential and gubernatorial elections the turnout may be higher, it isn't always by much. He says the people running for office and presenting the proposals need to be the ones bringing people out to vote. ...... {LISTEN}.

In Branch County, voter turnout was at 16 percent. 2870 voters went to the polls out of 17,875 registered voters. In the City of Coldwater, the turnout was at 18.7 percent. There were 1453 ballots cast out of 7736 registered voters.


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