Bronson School Board Selects Seven Superintendent Candidates
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, November 27, 2019

(BRONSON) – Two familiar names are among the seven people chosen to interview for the Bronson School's Superintendent position.

During Monday's meeting the Bronson School Board narrowed down the list of people they wanted to interview for the job. They include Harmonee McCrea, who is currently the Principal at Wall School in Sturgis and the former Principal at Anderson Elementary School. One of the other candidates is Jessica Bucklin, a Bronson native who is the School Improvement and Curriculum Consultant for the Jackson County ISD. Bucklin is also the former Assistant Principal at Sturgis High School.

The other candidates are Suzanne Caveneugh, Michael Fitzpatrick, Kevin Kelly, Katheleen Ramirez and current Constantine Superintendent Steve Wilson.

First round interviews will be held next Wednesday December 4 and Thursday December 5. Second round interviews are scheduled for December 10 and December 11.

The Michigan Association of School Boards is assisting Bronson Schools in finding a new Superintendent. In September, Rick Hilderly announced that he was stepping down as Bronson Superintendent to become the Superintendent for Tecumseh Schools.


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