County Looking At Creating Clean Energy Act District
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, January 23, 2020

(CENTREVILLE) – A resolution has been passed to look into the creation of a Property Assessed Clean Energy Act district in St. Joseph County.

The County Commission approved the resolution during their meeting Tuesday. County Grant Writer and Community Development Coordinator James Hissong shared with the Commission that PACE is a vehicle for commercial businesses and for developers to utilize clean energy along with getting capital upfront that would then be paid back with the cost savings that will be associated with energy efficient upgrades.

Hissong told the Commission the financing company he is exploring is called Lean And Green. They would allow commercial property owners to get 100 percent pre-funding and any energy saving upgrades on facilities. They would pay back the PACE loan through a special assessment on their property taxes.

Hissong says properties that qualify would include restaurants and office buildings; commercial and industrial properties like hotels; along with non profit properties which would include churches and cooperatives. The upgrades could be for energy efficiency, such as HVAC and lighting; renewable energy such as solar and for water efficiency, like low flush and low flow systems.

County Administrator Teresa Doehring says a Fabius Township property owner contacted the County to access PACE financing on a new housing construction project.

Hissong told the Commission he wants to bring representatives from Lean And Green to their Executive Committee meeting January 29 to discuss the program more.


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