Siler's Case Bound Over To Circuit Court
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, January 5, 2019

(photo courtesy of Branch Co. Sheriff's Department)

(COLDWATER) – Matthew Siler's case has been bound over over to Branch County Circuit Court.

Court officials say the 17 year old Coldwater Township resident waived a preliminary hearing in District Court. He was arrested on four charges, including first degree criminal sexual conduct, following an alleged incident with a 14 year old girl on December 5 at a party.

Coldwater Police interviewed several people at the party, who said they tried to get Siler to stop. A friend of the alleged victim says she cut Siler in the back with a pocket knife to try and get him to stop. Investigators say Siler and other teens were drinking alcohol at the party as well.

Siler's bond is continued at $150,000. He will have a pre-trial conference on January 28.