Chatfield Talks Road Funding
By: Mike Stiles - Monday, June 17, 2019

Lee Chatfield speaks during Friday's Lincoln Day Dinner (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/WBET News)

(CENTREVILLE) – Road funding in Michigan is something the legislature is looking to take care of.

According to Lee Chatfield, the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, they have found a way to do it.

Chatfield was the keynote speaker at the St. Joseph County Republican Party's Lincoln Day dinner June 14. He shared about how the two parties in both the House and the Senate worked together to change auto insurance for Michigan earlier this year.

The next step is getting a better and more consistent source of funding to address the problem of Michigan's roads. Chatfield says with a bipartisan effort, the Michigan House came up with a solution to this issue. ...... {LISTEN}.

Chatfield shared with the audience what is currently happening with the sales tax and road funding. ...... {LISTEN}.

Chatfield says they did cut the tax, and in their budget give more to schools and to revenue sharing.


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